Happy Hearts



Happy Hearts

The perfect match


Moving diamonds and hearts: when two emblematic Chopard symbols meet, they guarantee a perfect harmony. A favourite with Caroline Scheufele, the heart motif has come to epitomise the Geneva-based Manufacture. This token of love and lucky charm is also a highly prized design element in the world of fashion which has put it firmly back in the spotlight. It has naturally found its place in the Happy Diamonds collection, introducing a collection in its own right named Happy Hearts.  


Happy Hearts feature fine slender white or rose gold chains dotted with wide open hearts and dainty hearts enclosing mobile diamonds. The supple nature of these jewellery creations. combined with the moving diamonds and the random nature of the motifs, compose a jewellery line imbued with distinctive chic and exquisite femininity.





Fine gemstone or diamond-set hearts mingle with moving diamonds

This year, Chopard presented a completely new approach to the Happy Hearts collection. Colour made a magnificent entrance, with hearts of turquoise, onyx and mother-of-pearl rubbing shoulders with traditionally openwork hearts. Two new jewellery pieces also appeared on the scene: a delightful pendant as well as a bangle graced with two hearts one in colour and the other enclosing a moving diamond – facing each other at each tip and performing an elegant pas de deux.


Chopard now enriches the Happy Hearts collection with a precious sparkling and delicate new version in which the colourful hearts give way to hearts set with white diamonds




For more information on the collection and prices please visit the Happy Hearts page, contact us on 01202558928 or email info@franses.co.uk