The Flame Pendant

In this blog we take a closer look at James' elegant Flame Pendant, from the inspiration and design process to the craftsmanship and finishing.

The Inspiration

Like much of James' work his inspiration for the Flame Pendant came from the sublte and natural beauty of the elements. A flames simple structure is elegant yet striking, however transferring this concept into a unique piece of jewellery was by no means an easy task. This is how he went about it........

James starts with sketching the purist form of the flame all the while retaining its simplistic shape. The deisign is perfected and deliberated over for several weeks until he is happy with the form. The next step is to make a model of the pendant which brings it to life and allows him to finally reshape and fine tune how it will sit on the neck.

Hand Crafted

The entire design and production is completed by James on-site at his workshop at the showroom allowing him to confer with his family and colleagues abut the piece. Once the pendant has been perfected and James is happy with the design he will move onto producing it in the chosen precious metal. To keep the Flame as close to the original inspiration, James chose to craft the first pieces in 18ct rose gold which accentuates the overall look. Each piece is maticulously created and hand-finished by James allowing him to provide the very highest standards of qaulity to his clients.


To give it that final flare James decided to set the Flame with 10 fine white round brilliant cut diamonds. The graduated diamonds are set at the top curve, as they catch the light the 'fire' released from them only adds to the design and impact of this simple pendant.

After many months the completed Flame Pendant takes pride of place in the window with it's unique and elegant style created entirely in-house, this is the essence of James' work.

The Flame Pendant is now available in 18ct rose and white gold with matching Flame earrings.

If you would like more details on this or any of our items please contact us at the showroom on 01202 558 928 or email